Thanks for signing up with Crypto Pros, I’m Oliver your team sponsor. My first recommendation if you do not have experience working with crypto currencies: My recommendation is to join ORU you can pay with credit or debit card. It’s a small monthly fee of $5.95 per month (less than ).20 a day! You can send funds to your Crypto account without dealing with bitcoin or other crypto currencies, It has other great benefits as well.

If you can’t afford the ORU monthly right now to transfer funds; reach out to me and I’ll help you add funds to your account. There’s a list below of payment methods you can send to me and I’ll add the funds to your account.

Before sending funds so it can be added to your account text me (310-691-0961) 

your Crypto Pros name and username, with the amount you are sending.

These are funding sources you can use for Free no fees sending or receiving.

Send funds to:

Send funds to: